Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lighthouse Schedules Public Information Session

This is a quick announcement that was unveiled this evening at Chris Botta's Point Blank Night in Rockville Centre.

The lack of organized opposition has made the Lighthouse unique among major building projects on Long Island (Blogger's Note: I am not saying nobody is opposed to the project, I am saying that there are no organizations formed for the purpose of opposing the project). This is largely due to the over 150 community meetings that personnel from the Lighthouse have conducted with community associations all over Long Island. They have taken the time to share details about the project and listen to concerns from citizens. This has kept the lines of communication, and I firmly believe this inclusiveness has made organizations and community leaders more receptive to the project.

Now, it's your turn. The Lighthouse has announced that on Thursday, March 26, at 7:00 PM, they will be holding a public meeting about the project at the Long Island Marriott (across from Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale). This is a golden opportunity for citizens to come, ask questions of key decision-makers, and get educated on the project (which is the main goal we advocate here at Let There Be Light(house)).

Currently, the following people are among those expected to attend:
  • Charles Wang
  • Scott Rechler
  • Tom Suozzi
  • Nassau Legislators
  • Town of Hempstead Board Members
(Blogger's Note: There is no confirmation that Kate Murray will be in attendance. I will get a solid answer on that, though you know that I believe she needs to be there.)

This is a golden opportunity to show politicians and elected leaders that there is a broad base of support for the Lighthouse Project. I hope you can all make it and bring at least one person who either supports the project or who needs more education on the matter. This is one of the precious few chances we have to show up in numbers in front of elected officials, and we should not take that opportunity lightly. If it's at all possible, please try to attend.

Check the Lighthouse site for details on the event.

More on this as more information becomes available...In the meantime, I welcome your thoughts in the comments section, and I hope you will all be able to come and bring both supporters and skeptics with you. As always, don't forget to sign the petition and pass it on. I welcome your feedback at


  1. Nick ... that will be a perfect forum to air it out so to speak ... I doubt very much that Kate Murray has the fortitude to show up and be part of that panel as well she should be.

    There are to many people on that panel (Charles, Scott and Tom) that will call her out and ask her to take a side ... and make a positive or negative declaration of her opinion. She has neglected to do this the entire process. So she as a smart politician will not put herself in that position. She's letting the process play out and by smoke screening trying to buy more time.

    If she attends that event as a speaker she'll also be asked by residents to have an opinion and will face tough unpastuerized questions from the public in which she stands. We already know she will not put herself in the position to fail. So her non-participation at such an inportant public information session which affects her constituentcy and ability to make an informed decision will speak volumes of her position.... and if she doesn't show up even just to listen ... then Newsday better call her out on that ... or consider themselves in bed with Kate Murray.

  2. This is really inapprpriate to have government officals government officials serving on a panel to promote a developers project. They should be there to provide comments and crtique the environmetal documents in hand. They should not be there to promote the developement.