Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tom Suozzi Writes Me a Letter

I picked up my mail this morning and discovered a letter from the County Executive's office in Mineola. I had submitted a note to Tom Suozzi and other relevant officials (more on this when I have something to announce), and this was his response.

It was a fairly standard response thanking me for sharing my thoughts on the Lighthouse Project and reminding me to reach out to him again if there is anything he could do. However, there was one line in there that was very nice to see, since we haven't heard much from Suozzi about the project lately:

"...I would like you to know that I am fully committed to the Lighthouse Project and in keeping the Islanders in Nassau County..."

Well, Mr. Suozzi, I hope we can hold you to that.

Personal aside: I met Mr. Suozzi earlier this decade as a contestant on The Long Island Challenge. He presented my team with the Nassau County Championship and referred to me as a "warrior." I think we're lucky to have him in Nassau County, and I am convinced that he is committed to finding a good solution to the Lighthouse issue.

I welcome your thoughts on Tom Suozzi and the County's handling of the Lighthouse in the comments, and we can continue our discussion on yesterday's Town of Hempstead meeting in the previous thread. A more detailed post is coming later today if I can find my notepad.


  1. Nick,

    From anything I've read, it seems that Suozzi and the County are behind this project 100%, and that they will move quickly once the ball is back in their court. I've read over most of the documents relating to this project over on the County website, and it seems that the deal they have with the Lighthouse Group is very reasonable (including stepping-in against SMG).

    I think the biggest hurdle remains the Town. However, as a local, you can speak to these salient points far better than I can.

    Great work on Tuesday. Are there any clips of the proceedings posted anywhere?


  2. Suozzi is a psychic ... You are a Warrior ... and he knew it back then.

    You deserve recognition for your efforts by Wang when all this settles down and shovels are in the ground.

  3. What 19 Isles so few words!!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, guys.

    BR - You're absolutely right about Suozzi. He has been 100% behind the process from day 1, though we all probably wish he'd say so in public more often. He and Kate Murray are both up for re-election this year (and there are still whispers Murray wants his job). For your other question - I know Islanders TV was there, I don't know when they plan on posting it.

    505 - I'm shocked the word "Chaminade" was nowhere near your comment.

  5. True Chaminade Men are are humble enough to quietly acknowledge the legendary supremmacy of that fine educational institution with a simple nod or a wink to each other.

    We'll leave it to The Pretenders (indirect plug to Chrissy Hynde)to boast on about their inferior Trinities, Kellenbergs and Tonys.

  6. Wow....spell check on aisle 13...."supremacy"

    Not very Flyer like of me.